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A V3 Solution is comprised of a powerful virtual desktop pool management system called Desktop Cloud Orchestrator (V3 DCO), and a purpose-built design that allow an organization to virtualize desktops. In today’s market, VDI is playing an ever-increasing role in IT desktop management. The benefits of virtualized desktop computing, including lowered costs due to server consolidation, centralized management and high availability, appeal to many use cases. In fact, virtual desktops as a secondary system have been a staple for many organizations for several years.

The V3 Solution is the first and only stack-agnostic desktop cloud management solution in the market today. It delivers the flexibility of persistent, non-persistent and hybrid pool deployment via a high performance purpose-built solution. The management solution offers pool creation, management, policy-based administration for failover and reporting, and is specifically designed for the desktop administrator. The solution will perform faster than any desktop available today with a consistent density and cost for any virtual desktop deployment. Simplicity and elegance of design allow swift installation and high end-user satisfaction.

No other solution currently delivers these results. Normally when a product offers “more,” the cost related to either the Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) or the Operating Expenditure (OPEX) is higher. In the case of the V3 Solution, it is actually lower in both cases.

Cost of Workstation without VDI vs. with VDI

Benefits of VDI

  • Centralized data protection
  • Centralized management and application deployment
  • Eliminate PC move/add/change costs
  • For security: control of remote access and data
  • Reduce local PC's space, noise, and heat
  • Eliminate single point of failure (due to local PC failure)
  • Ease of deployment and no Storage Area Network (SAN) required
  • Ease of management
  • Eliminate having to transfer/transport files to home or to a different desktop