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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Legacy Desktop Virtualization has been around for many years and has provided benefits that include centralized management, lower operating expenses, increased security, computing availability, and efficient application deployment. However, fast performance and scalability have been conspicuously absent from that list. Today, the V3 solution architecture makes it possible to add measurable performance improvements and high scalability to the value proposition of virtual desktops.

V3 VDI Solutions dramatically simplify, streamline and cost-reduce infrastructure administration while improving the quality of user experience and shortening data access time.

The V3 Solution is a hyper-converged turn-key infrastructure that integrates compute, storage, network interface, hypervisor infrastructure, and powerful management software. V3 technology eliminates the performance bottlenecks, installation problems and unpredictable scalability of traditional Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) deployments.

The benefits and cost savings are dramatic

The benefits and cost savings are dramatic compared with both physical desktops and traditional, multi-vendor VDI. Users experience both superior performance and increased productivity. Total cost of ownership is significantly lower including acquisition, maintenance, administration, power consumption and cooling.